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About Us

Hi, I’m Rigby! I live with my parents, Amity and Chris, at Springwater Pet Resort. I hear you are thinking of coming to stay with us. I know you might be worried about being away from your parents for a little while, but trust me, you’re gonna love it here!!


There’s a HUGE yard for us to play in all day long. Not as active as you once were? You can hang out in the shade, lay in the sun, or soak in the pool. Did I mention we are located on over 10 acres covered by trees, ponds and grasses? There is a world of scents to enjoy.

Regardless of how you want to enjoy your vacation here, I promise that my parents will treat you just like one of our pack. They love everyone that comes to stay with us, and they’re the next best thing to having your own family here with you. 

Don’t worry if you’re a little set in your ways. Just make sure your parents tell us what your special needs are; we will make sure you get what you need. Enjoy an apple before bed? No problem. Need a special treat in the morning? They’ll do that too.

Did you know that Springwater Pet Resort has been in business since 2007? That’s 119 years (or 17 human years) of making pets feel special when their family can’t be home.

If you need permission, or to further convince your parents, tell them to set up a tour with us! My parents will gladly answer any questions and show them around.

Come visit us soon! We can’t wait to meet you!

Our dogs love going here. They always come home happy... Boarding or daycare!  ​


-Izzy & Sassy's Dad


Stokes absolutely LOVES going to visit Chris & Amity. He comes home so happy, and so tired from playing! ​


-Stokes' Mom


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